Connectivity is a huge term that encompasses anything from the point of entry for your internet to your network cabinet – it includes data, power, network switches and telephone systems. We have many years’ experience designing and installing connectivity solutions, and we can help you plan and implement a solution for you.

Internet Connectivity.

With the multitude of different internet connections available on the market today, how do you know which one is the right choice for you?

Lumic can help identify your data requirements. We are here to help choose the right product for both you and your business at the correct price point. Our team can build any solution that is right for you, from the most basic broadband to a fully managed multi-site private network. We can provide you with everything that you need to get up and running.

Lines and Calls.

The backbone of any voice solution is the lines it runs on – it’s no use investing large amounts of money on an infrastructure if the line provider is no good.

Lumic can help you select the right kind of phone line and provider for you, and can help identify the number of lines you require to ensure that you never have dropped or missed calls.

Network & Power.

Everything in your infrastructure requires two essential cables – network and power. We are able to help you set up both of these.

Lumic have a wealth of experience in both network and power cabling – we are truly experts in this fields. We can arrange any work required to be carried out with a minimum amount of disruption to you.

We can provide you with a full cabling service – CAT5e, CAT6. CAT6a and fibre. We can set up new cabinets for you with hardware from leading manufacturers, so that at the end of the day, your install is a complete solution that works from the day Lumic completes the project.

Whether your business needs to expand, or you need a brand new data & power solution – we can help tailor a solution just for you.

Design, implementation and support of on premise and hosted phone solutions.

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