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This website uses cookies. By using this website and agreeing with this policy, you agree to the use of cookies by Lumic in accordance with the terms of this policy. We use cookies to help customise the best experience for each user and to track and refine our approach toward improving access to our site through search engines, such as google.

A Cookie is a files sent by web servers to be stored locally on web browsers.

The server can then obtain this information each time the browser makes a request for a page. This allows the webserver to track and identify a web broswer.

Cookies consist of two main types: persistent cookies and session cookies. Persisten cookies remain stored on your web browser until you choose to delete them. Session cookies are deleted from your browser when you close it or a session expires.

Cookies on our website

We currently only store session cookies to assist our site admins to keep our news and content up to date, and for you to view our fresh content.

You can find cookies from this site by:

Google Chrome: pressing the (i) information button in the address bar and clicking cookies.

Mozilla Firefox: pressing the globe icon in the address bar > more information > security > view cookies.

For more indepth instruction on viewing cookies please visit:

Google cookies on our website

We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of this website. This generates statistical and other information about website use by means of cookies, which are stored within a users web browser. This information relating to our website is then used to create reports about the use of the website. Google stores and uses this information. You can finde the Google privacy policy here:

Refusing cookies

You have the right to refuse cookies and most web browsers will allow you to do this.

Internet Explorer you can do this by clicking > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and then select Block all Cookies.

Mozilla Firefox you can do this by clicking > Tools > Options > Privacy

Google Chrome you can click > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy then edit the Cookies settings


*Please note that disabling cookies will have a negative effect on the usability of some websites*